Koorbiënale 28 Jun 2019 - 7 Jul 2019


This tenth edition of the Koorbiënale is one with a golden edge. In twenty years, the festival has become an internationally acclaimed hotspot that shows the diversity and colour of vocal ensemble music. Enjoy this year of famous music pieces that are put into a new look, meet young talent or be amazed by innovative crossovers.

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Spaarne Concert 6 Jul 2019

Spaarne Concert

In the evening on the 6th of July there will be an impressive open air concert on the River Spaarne in the city center of Haarlem.

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Haarlem Culinary 1 Aug 2019 - 4 Aug 2019

Haarlem Culinary

With an annual attendance of about 50,000 visitors, Haarlem Culinair is one of the culinary events in Haarlem. During this event, several restaurants in Haarlem and surrounding area present their delicious cuisine to visitors and you get to sample the culinary offerings of the many participating restaurants at purse-friendly prices.

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